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I offer classes for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS as well as BEYOND BEGINNERS and ADVANCED students looking for that extra edge.

My classes are taught from my home studio in Kenmore Hills, Brisbane, where I usually teach up to a maximum of 6-8 students at any one time. These classes are run either during the day or night.

Current and future watercolour classes and courses are generally announced through my FACEBOOK page - Szczepan Urbanowicz Artist.


Through the COVID period of 2020, I was heavily involved in delivering ONLINE WATERCOLOUR classes. In 2021 however, I will be reverting back to in-studio based learning experiences and will reduce the volume of ONLINE teaching to coincide with student demand.


I will continue to present and teach watercolours to my ONLINE community. I will mostly undertake specialty WORKSHOPS and themed TUTORIALS as time and opportunities permit.


All future ONLINE classes will generally be announced and notified through my FACEBOOK page - Szczepan Urbanowicz Artist.


Practice, practice, practice....!!!!

Dry brush technique.......

Lilypond quick-time painting


St Petersburg quick-time painting


Lilypond quick-time painting


"Poppies" quick-time painting

Krakow Rooftops quick-time painting

"Poppies" quick-time painting

I am pleased to write a testimonial for Szczepan. I was attracted to take classes with him because he is a highly regarded water-colourist and I like his style of watercolours. I have not been disappointed, he is knowledgeable and is able to impart his knowledge to his students. His style of teaching is very open, encouraging, and approachable. He paces the students through the basics to more advanced and complex techniques. He is sensitive to his students needs and after 4 months working with him I now feel more comfortable working in the watercolour medium. I recommend Szczepan if you wish to improve your watercolour technique.


Guinevere McBride,
South Brisbane, QLD 4101


Szczepan is a one of a kind watercolour tutor.  When I retired I wanted to paint – and paint well - and in particular with watercolour - knowing it was the hardest medium to learn.  I also knew I would never stop learning and had to absorb information from good tutors to succeed.
In my opinion is takes a special tutor to explain, teach and have patience (and a sense of humour) to pass on the information so my practising and learning became an enjoyment not frustrating.  Szczepan is one of those tutors. I found once I had some basic knowledge and skills of how watercolour reacts on paper/water I was able to focus on my own style, learnt from my mistakes, and kept practising, and called out when I needed help. It's nice when your friends say ‘wow’ did you do that!
Oh!  When I go to an art exhibition or gallery it is great to have some knowledge to enjoy what I am viewing.     If you have the opportunity to join one of Szczepan’s workshops / classes or demonstrations or whatever – Do it. 


Jenny Loveday, 

President Watercolour Society of 
Tarragindi, QLD 4121 


Having had little concept of water colour, Szczepan has set me on a path of creativity and fun whilst broadening my skill base. Szczepan’s classes have been invaluable to me. They have helped me to avoid overworking or muddy colours to let in the light!

In his friendly, relaxed, patient and informative teaching style he has shown me the beauty of watercolour by using a limited palette, explaining the beauty of translucent colours, colour mixing and recognizing your tonal range as well as demonstrating his own magic in a loose, imaginative style. Paper, paints and brush skills are all discussed.

Due to this supportive environment with individual feedback Szczepan has gained a large following from beginners through to proficient artists.


Sherry Gawrych,
Runcorn, QLD 4113


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